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Discover strengths with our Lenses

Discover strengths

Select from five lenses, each with a self-discovery exercise, to build self-awareness and learn about human behavior patterns that influence leadership and team dynamics.
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Develop agile leaders

For each leader, deliver personalized development strategies and action tips across dozens of competencies based on their unique profile.
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Build relationships

Build relationships

Give leaders new perspectives and tailored action tips for managing conflict and building effective relationships.
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Optimize teams

Optimize team performance

Benchmark team attributes and understand unique team dynamics as they evolve.
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EQ Dashboard EQ Dashboard

Need to develop emotional intelligence, not just assess it?

EQ Dashboard delivers an integrated approach to emotional intelligence assessment, 360 feedback, and development.

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"Matrix Insights was the first HR tool my leadership team kept using and using until we actually got better at being a healthy organization."
Valerie Johnson, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Dane County
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"If you are looking for a tool to actively engage your leaders and teams, Matrix Insights is the solution."
Kim Marino from Independent Health
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"The results have been spot on with team dynamics, and have helped me improve a relationship with a specific co-worker. I’ve now realized a huge blindspot of mine about going with the flow."
Alicia from a global technology/social media organization
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"I think Matrix Insights is one of the most powerful tools we’ve introduced into our own team of finance executives."
Dorothy Coleman, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
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"My favorite aspect of Matrix Insights is the insight emails. They are like fortune tellers and fortune cookies. They’ve helped me adjust on the go, and have been hugely transformational."
Alicia from a global technology/social media organization
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"It was fast, and simple to get started on Matrix Insights...We’ll be using Matrix Insights wherever and whenever possible. Genius!"
Glenn Rupert, The Rupert Group
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"The insight emails are pretty freaking bang on"
Sara from a global technology/social media organization
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"...Matrix Insights changed the game."
Karen Dowd, Simon School of Business
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"We replaced legacy behavioral tools from last century, in favor of the Matrix Insights approach...Our programs, and our graduates are better for it."
Carin Cole, Simon School of Business
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"...provides flexibility and a modern approach to building self awareness and improving team dynamics..."
Karsten McNulty, c-cubed
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"...I've been wanting a tool like this for years."
Brian J. Robertson, HolacracyOne, LLC
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"...the critical anchor that facilitated a robust and enduring developmental experience."
Stephanie Reh, Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc
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