We develop agile leaders.
We build high-performing teams.

Who we are

We are a diverse team with decades of experience in leadership development, emotional intelligence, coaching, personality research, and e-learning.

What we do

We help leaders and teams become more effective with innovative software, validated self-discovery, and research-based content. We help learning professionals supercharge their programs.

Why we do it

We are passionate about helping people and teams reach their full potential. And we share a purpose to make the process of leadership development engaging, rewarding, and continuous.

We have built a unique learning experience that takes an individual or team from insight to action for greater performance

Matrix Insights provides an integrated approach to self-discovery, team feedback, and personalized leadership development. We’ve built our Leadership Dashboard based on several key ideas:


Success starts with people. And people differ in style, knowledge, and capabilities. Each individual faces unique opportunities and challenges. Each team encounters unique group dynamics. Our solution delivers personalized insights and effectiveness strategies based on individual profiles, specific relationships, and actual teams.


Using research that reveals how human differences impact behavior is central to the Matrix Insights experience. Our goal is to enable leaders to understand and apply this knowledge in ways that are timely, practical, and useful. We help leaders understand when and how to flex their behaviors to become successful and agile.


Results matter. To be more effective, leaders need to understand what and when specific actions should be taken. We deliver pragmatic action tips and innovative tools focused on achieving real sustainable outcomes. And we assure accessibility and timeliness by providing content both online and via scheduled emails.

Our Leadership Dashboard combines research-based learning content and innovative software to support personalization and drive engagement. Allow us to show you how it enhances the impact of any face-to-face leadership program and provides a continuous on-demand resource for leaders and their teams.

Roger Pearman, EdD.

“We build leader capacities to be the best in the world and the best for the world, to move from success to significance.”

Roger Pearman, EdD.
CEO & Co-Founder

The Matrix Insights team shares a vision to deliver an innovative, effective, and superior leadership development experience.

In a lesson about what can happen when you combine people from very different backgrounds and perspectives, we created Matrix Insights. With deep experience in e-learning, leadership development, emotional intelligence, personality assessments, and software development, the team recognized several opportunities to improve leadership development solutions:

Engaging, Bite-sized, Relevant

Create an effective learning paradigm for leaders. Many corporate learning programs provide off-the-shelf eLearning components that fail to engage leaders due to length and perceived (lack of) relevance. A better option, we feel, is bite-sized learning organized as targeted, freaky relevant, and actionable strategies that increase engagement and impact.

Enable Coaches

While not everyone has the benefit of coaching and in-person development, when they do, we think technology should enhance, and not replace, these high-value investments. We provide coaches tools to enhance and scale their work.

Sustained Engagement

Help sustained engagement in leadership development. We believe that for learning to create change it must be integrated into people’s daily lives. We leverage technology to deliver contextualized leadership insights to leaders and teams. We also provide mechanisms for both users and teams to track their progress toward their goals.

Enable Leaders

Give leaders a dashboard for what’s most important. We have dashboards for financial performance, quality, sales, customer satisfaction, and beyond. But no dashboard exists for the people skills and team dynamics that serve as the foundation for everything else. Let’s change that!

Beyond Assessments

We believe personality assessments should be a beginning not an end. While many leadership programs include some form of personality assessment, the impact is often short-lived. The focus on self-awareness as a foundational step in development is critical. But the real opportunity lies in helping individuals apply what they learn about themselves to be more effective, build stronger relationships, and enhance teamwork. Why not provide more resources and a dashboard available on-demand?

First of its Kind

With these ideas, the team set out to create a new solution for which no category exists. The Leadership Dashboard delivers high value content, but it is not an eLearning course. It offers personality profiling to support personalization, but it is way more than personality assessments. It supports action planning and delivers automated reminders and tracking, but it is not an LMS. It can be easily integrated with a learning program or used largely on its own. Experience tells us that the best way to understand the power and effectiveness of our solution is to take a test drive. Our belief is that in the near future, all leaders will have their own personalized dashboard.

Our Values

Appreciate Differences

People are different and we believe that this is good for teams, organizations, and the world. Yes, these differences can cause conflict, but effectively managed, they can drive amazing results.

Personality is not Limiting

We believe in multiple approaches to effective leadership. Contrary to popular belief, success is not determined by one’s personality profile or leadership approach, but rather the ability to flex and work effectively with others.

Build on Strengths

We believe that leadership development should be about building on one’s strengths, not fundamentally changing the person. We help leaders build awareness of strengths and understand how they can flex to avoid turning strengths in one context from becoming weaknesses in another.

Recognize Human Complexity

Human being are complicated, and there is no single model that can describe or predict everything. We recognize there are multiple ways to look at human behavior patterns and will not try to sell you otherwise.