Relationship Insights

Agile leadership requires understanding others and flexing your style.

Relationship Insights screenshot Relationship Insights screenshot
Relationship Insights screenshot Relationship Insights screenshot

Build understanding.
Build appreciation.
Bridge differences.

Experts agree that successful teams require members with diverse skills and perspectives. Matrix Insights helps leaders and teams understand the strengths of each individual. Insights provide perspectives that help build understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives and motivations. Action tips provide specific ideas for constructively working through differences to achieve team objectives.

Two women Two women

Enhance working relationships

Select any member on your team and view specific relationship insights based on your unique combination of profiles. You can also view constructive perspective on differences and challenges. Each insight offers specific action tips for working more effectively together based on science.

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Relationship-based content

Relationship-based content is written specifically for each unique relationship, so leaders have context-driven, personalized content.

Bite-sized and actionable

Each action tip offers a perspective and specific suggested actions to get results.

Add relationship tips to development plans

Every action tip can be easily added to a leader’s private action items.

People agility

Learn when and how to flex behavior and approaches to get better results.