An emotionally intelligent approach
to developing emotionally effective leaders

Deliver an integrated approach to emotional competency assessment, feedback, and learning.

EQ Agility sample report

Why develop EQ?

Research consistently shows the importance of emotional intelligence for individual and team success.

EQ, or Emotional Quotient, reflects your ability to influence others, deal with conflict, build relationships, manage stress, and much more. Developing EQ competencies directly impacts your ability to achieve personal and team objectives.

Why use Matrix Insights for your EQ development?

Matrix Insights uniquely integrates online tools, resources, and practical action tips that deliver a personalized experience to improve your personal and people skills.

Take an intentional approach to set developmental priorities and identify new behaviors
Stay engaged over time to achieve behavioral change
Emotional Competencies Self-Rater

Self-assessment and multi-rater feedback

For selected competencies, you provide feedback on skill level and development priorities. To support more accurate ratings, each competency includes examples of unskilled, skilled, and highly skilled behaviors.

Emotional Competencies profile on computer and tablet

Personalized EQ profile

View an emotional competency profile that combines self-ratings, multi-raters, and research-based personality factors to enhance self-awareness and set development priorities.

Emotional Competencies development areas

Targeted action tips

View and select targeted action tips based on development priorities to create a personalized plan. Each action tip provides a developmental perspective and suggests pragmatic actions to become more effective.

Emotional Competencies action plan

Action Items

Create and manage an action item list with specific points-to-remember and development tasks.

Emotional Competencies development email reminder

Automated email reminders

Stay engaged with email insights, personalized for you, to keep you on track and allow for regular status updates.

For Executive Coaching.

For Leadership
Development Programs.

Who should use this solution?

If you are responsible for executive coaching or leadership development programs, the EQ Dashboard provides an innovative and scalable solution to develop EQ Competencies.

Leadership Competencies. EQ Competencies.

With Matrix Insights, you can personalize within your organization's competency framework and support competencies important to each individual.

EQ Agility table
Awareness of Self

Developing Awareness of Your Identity, Motivations and Coping Strategies


Learning to Manage Your Emotions 
and Behavior

Relating to and Working Well with Others

Developing Interpersonal and Social Intelligence Skills

Knowing Self

Increasing conscious awareness of your moods, feelings, and reactions to self and others.

  • Emotional Maturity 12
  • Accurate Self-Assessment 40
  • Self-Awareness 41
  • Self-Confidence 42
  • Self-Regard 44

Managing Impulsiveness, problem-solving, self-expression

  • Emotional Expression 11
  • Emotional Problem-Solving 13
  • Emotional Self-Control 14
  • Impulse Control 18
  • Self-Disclosure 43
Dealing with Others

Learning tactics to accelerate working together

  • Assertiveness 2
  • Collaboration 4
  • Influencing Others 20
  • Initiative 21
  • Interpersonally Skillful 25
  • Personal Power 33
  • Relationship Savvy 37
  • Trustworthy 53
Integrated Self

Developing integrity and consistency of self

  • Authenticity 3
  • Congruence 8
  • Independence 19
  • Integrity 23
  • Self-Actualization 39
Approaches to Experience

Developing self-efficacy and appreciation of others

  • Adaptability 1
  • Flexibility 16
  • Openness to Others 31
  • Optimism 30
  • Tolerance 51
Building Relationships

Developing deep relationships

  • Compassion 5
  • Active Empathy 15
  • Listening Generously 27
  • Reading Nonverbal Communication 29
  • Patience 32
  • Trusting 52
  • Understanding Others 54
Coping Perspectives

Learning to manage your moods, feelings, and energy

  • Resilience 38
  • Stamina 49
  • Stress Hardy 50
Complex Thinking

Learning to access creativity and inner wisdom

  • Creativity 10
  • Insightfulness 22
  • Intentionality 24
  • Intuition 26
  • Mindfulness 28
Working with Conflict

Learning to constructively use the energy in conflict

  • Conflict Management 6
  • Effective Confrontation 7
  • Constructive Discontent 9
Managing Perceptions

Accessing and appreciating a multitude of ways to view the world

  • Perspective-Taking 34
  • Reality Testing 35
  • Reframing 36
Dealing with Social Context

Interacting effectively in groups

  • Group Savvy 17
  • Situational Awareness 45
  • Social Intelligence 46
  • Social Responsibility 47
  • Managing Social Space 48

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If you're a coach or consultant managing leadership development programs, Matrix Insights provides an innovative and scalable solution to develop EQ.