Lens diagram Lens diagram


(n): a unique way to look at people and relationships;
a framework to deliver personalized insights.

Different needs, different lenses

With the Leadership Dashboard, you select the lens that best fits your needs and preferences, or you can use multiple lenses over time. Each lens drives unique personalized insights.

Employ multiple lenses to gain multiple perspectives

No personality model fully explains human complexity. So each of our lenses offers personal insights, as well as strategies for improving our effectiveness as individuals and teams.

Our lenses


An emotionally intelligent approach to develop emotionally-effective leaders.

Personality Type

A powerful, appreciative lens to enable personalized development based on the work of Carl Jung, Isabel Meyers, and Katheryn Briggs.

Interaction Styles

Enhance working relationships and build high-performing teams.

Essential Motivators

Strengthen relationships by understanding the needs and values that drive behavior.

Performance Five

Incorporates the latest personality trait research to help you consider the characteristics 
of your blended personality pattern.


A team feedback component for creating effective leaders and teams.

Compare applications for lenses

Lens Applications
Team Building Individual Contributors New Managers High Potential Leaders Executive Managers
Interaction Styles Great Great Great Good Good
Essential Motivators Great Great Great Good Good
Personality Type Good Good Great Great Great
Performance Five Good Good Great Great Great
EQ N/A Great Great Great Great
Team Pulse Great N/A Great Great Great