Need to develop emotional intelligence, not just assess it?

EQ Dashboard delivers an integrated approach to emotional intelligence assessment, 360 feedback, and development.

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"An emotionally intelligent approach"

A computer showing a dashboard of rated competencies.

EQ Dashboard uniquely integrates online tools, resources, and action tips to deliver a personalized experience to improve your people skills. It is the EQ assessment for when performance improvement is the goal. And shouldn’t performance improvement always be the goal?

  • Enhance understanding of unique strengths and opportunities for development
  • Take an intentional approach to set developmental priorities and identify new behaviors
  • Stay engaged over time to achieve behavioral change

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Self rating is as easy as dragging a slider to your skill level.

Self-Assessment and Multi-Rater Feedback

Rate yourself and get feedback from others on your current skill level and development priorities. To support more accurate ratings, each competency includes examples of unskilled, skilled, and highly skilled behaviors.

A dashboard of your EQ profile, results, and 360 feedback.

Personalized EQ profile

View an emotional competency profile that combines self-ratings, ratings from others, and research-based personality factors to enhance self-awareness and set development priorities.

Action tips are personalized to you.

Targeted Action Tips

Select targeted action tips based on development priorities to create a personalized plan. Each action tip provides a developmental perspective and suggests pragmatic actions to become more effective.

For students

  • Unique login
  • Multiple self-discovery modules to build an EQ Agility Profile:
    • Learn About EQ
    • Rate EQ Skills
    • Sort EQ Skills
    • Survey Predictive Behavior Patterns
    • Collect 360 Feedback

  • EQ Agility profile report
  • Library of action tips and development strategies
  • Action planning, email reminders, and action item progress tracking
  • Students have access to their account after the course has ended, giving them future support and development.

For Faculty and Instructional Staff

  • Administrative site to manage student activity and action plans
  • Customizable EQ competency framework
  • Optional customizable lesson plans:
    Lesson guides come in PDF, PPT, and DOC.

    Enhance your curriculum using supporting presentation decks and activities that explore the relationship between EQ and key leadership challenges, including:

    • Cross-Border Leadership
    • Leading for Creativity
    • Leading to Foster Innovation
    • and more