Every leader is unique, and every leader needs radically-personalized development

Improve leadership development by linking personality and EQ profiles to research-based micro-learning.

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Strengths of each user is different, so is the content.

Discover strengths

Become empowered to understand and appreciate the unique strengths within yourself and others.

Relationship-based suggestions

Dynamic relationship suggestions

Gain practical perspectives and action tips for working effectively with each person on your team, based on the combination of everyone’s profiles.

Hand pick action tips and strategies that stand out to you.

Thousands of action tips and development strategies

The Leadership Dashboard selects bite size perspectives, insights, and actions tips based on each leader's profile.

Hand picked tips show up on your action plan.

Action planning and continuous engagement

Stay engaged with action items, automated e-mail reminders, and status updates.

Two different leaders different priorities and content.

Research-based personalization

Leadership development is accelerated by linking personality patterns and leadership competencies with personally and contextually focused action tips. Research-based and field-tested, our learning tips are designed to provide the support leaders need to reach their goals.

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Bite-Sized action tips Bite-Sized action tips
Bite-Sized action tips Bite-Sized action tips

Bite-Sized Learning

Empower leaders to see issues from a different perspective and focus on specific behaviorals that can help them achieve their goals.

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A menu showing Drive, Talents, Energy, Decision Making, and Communication

Enhance Self-Awareness

Understand strengths and opportunities using self-discovery, 360 feedback, and team surveys. You can select the lens (or lenses) that best meets your needs.

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The Anatomy of the Leadership Dashboard

Anatomy of the Leadership Dashboard
Understand strengths with Personal Insights

After a self-discovery process with one of our lenses, leaders will get access to information on their profile, behavior, and strengths.

Develop agile leaders with Development Insights

Leaders have access to thousands of bite-sized development tips that are personalized for them.

Build relationships with Relationship Insights

Leaders can view insights on their team members, comparing and contrasting differences and similarities.

Optimize teams with Team Insights

Teams can be viewed from a holistic point-of-view to show team dynamics. Track team attributes over time.

Drive success with Action Items

Create personalized action items using suggested action tips. Stay engaged with automated reminders.

Coach with Coaching Tools

Use an array of Coaching tools to help leaders along their development journey.

Our Lenses
Our lenses, pictured above, give different perspectives on behavior. Each have their own distinct color and design.

Multiple Lenses

We offer multiple ways to consider behavior patterns and strengths. Pick the one that best fits your needs or use multiple lenses over time.

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