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 discover strengths and improve teamwork.

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Give yourself and your team an edge.

Team Dashboard provides actionable insights about your team and your relationships.

Team Insights Team Insights
Relationship Insights Relationship Insights
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Understand and Build Self
Understand & Build Self
Personal Insights
Understand and Build Relationship
Understand & Build Relationship
Relationship Insights

Understand yourself and your teammates with Personal and Relationship Insights

Great teams apply diverse skills and perspectives to achieve results. Team Dashboard helps teams appreciate differences and understand the individual characteristics that impact relationships and team dynamics.

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Monitor team health and performance with TeamPulse

To accelerate team success, the team needs to be aware of team dynamics and perceptions that impact your team’s success. TeamPulse enables you to collect everyone’s feedback, measure key performance factors and benchmark progress over time.

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A Resource for Teams

Understand team dynamics

Each team has a unique profile and unique challenges. Help teams build understanding, appreciate diverse perspectives, and bridge differences. Learn more about Team Insights

Benchmark performance

Use TeamPulse to measure team performance against key success attributes over time. Track performance over time to identify small problems before they become major issues. Learn more about TeamPulse

Stronger relationships

Team members select any member on their team and view specific insights based on their unique combination of proiles. Insights are designed to provide a constructive perspective on differences and challenges. Learn more about Relationship Insights

Appreciate differences, manage conflicts

Success on teams requires different perspectives on members’ strengths, but these same differences cause conflict. Give leaders a way to build appreciation for differences and find constructive solutions to interpersonal issues. Learn more about Personal Insights