Radically-personalized micro-learning

Why stop at assessment? Accelerate skill development by linking personality and EQ profiles to research-based micro-learning.

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Why personalized insights and development?


Each leader has unique development needs and relationships. Each team has unique dynamics. One-size-fits-all development can only take you so far.


Leading research provides insights into human behavior differences and how these differences impact relationships and leadership development.


To impact behavior, learning must be relevant, actionable and available when needed.

We deliver personalized insights, action tips, and bite-sized learning selected based on unique individual and team profiles. Each member of your team builds their own profile and receives unique insights.

Man remembering action items from his assessment results competencies amidst a conversation

Use Assessments. Really.

Do your existing assessment reports simply end up in a filing cabinet? Use our dashboards to help people apply what they know about themselves and others to improve relationships and develop themselves.

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Man accessing action tips on his phone

Keep Learners Engaged

Do you have an effective way to keep learners engaged in developing themselves over time? Use our dashboard to provide regular action tips delivered directly to their email and provide tools they can use when dealing with difficult relationships.

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Some testimonials from our customers

I cannot overstate the value that Matrix Insights and the Leadership Dashboard provide to me as a coach...
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Deene Morris
Matrix Insights provides powerful tools which leverage my work as a coach and consultant. I've enjoyed consulting with MBTI and other tools for more than 30 years, but “The Matrix” has brought me into the 21st century. It helps me to serve my clients better, faster, deeper, and with greater impact.
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Scott Savage, M.A.,P.C.

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Our Lenses
Our lenses, pictured above, give different perspectives on behavior. Each have their own distinct color and design.

Multiple Lenses

We offer multiple ways to consider behavior patterns and strengths. Pick the one that best fits your needs or use multiple lenses over time.

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Select the Dashboard that meets your objective

Teach participants about EQ competencies - the building blocks of emotional intelligence. Enable them to build their unique EQ agility profile and access personalized action tips to help them become more effective.

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Give participants an engaging way to learn about themselves, their relationships, and team dynamics. In the context of their work groups, teach them when and how to flex their behavior to get better results for themselves and their team.

More information on Team Dashboard

Give participants multiple lenses to understand themselves, access to relationship advice based on their profile, and the ability to create hyper-personalized leadership development plans.

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