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Designed to educate

Help students understand themselves and others. Education is built into every Matrix Insights self-discovery assessment. And our dashboards deliver personalized and contextualized action tips so that each student can apply what has been learned to improve their success in life and work.

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I am better prepared to compete in the real world. This is the point in your life where you are really discovering who you are as a person, and [EQ Agility from Matrix Insights] helps you do that in a professional way.
Student in Sales Program

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Easy to use

User friendly for faculty, staff, and students

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Teaching Resources

Access handouts, slides, participant guides and more.


Non Judgemental

Through sorting and rating, everyone learns their unique EQ Agility profile with relative strengths and opportunities.

Select the Dashboard that meets your objective

Teach students about EQ competencies - the building blocks of emotional intelligence. Enable students to build their unique EQ agility profile and access personalized action tips to help them become more effective.

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Give students an engaging way to learn about themselves, their relationships, and team dynamics. In the context of their work groups, teach them when and how to flex their behavior to get better results for themselves and their team.

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Give students multiple lenses to understand themselves and create hyper-personalized leadership development plans.

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