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Build High-Performing Teams

Use Matrix Insights to strengthen relationships, understand group dynamics, bridge differences, and monitor team health.

Speak each other's language

The Leadership Dashboard delivers perspectives and action tips to help individuals know when and how to flex their preferred approach to communication and relationships.

Appreciate differences

Great teams apply diverse skills and perspectives to achieve results. The Leadership Dashboard helps teams appreciate differences and understand the individual characteristics that impact relationships and team dynamics.

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Monitor team health

The Leadership Dashboard enables teams to benchmark and monitor team health across key team performance metrics such as trust and clarity of goals. Learn more about TeamPulse.

Multiple lenses

Whether you want to focus on interaction styles or the underlying needs and motivators that impact relationships, Matrix Insights offers a lens to meet your need. Select one lens or use multiple lenses over time.

Interaction Styles

Team members explore similarities and differences in core drive, aim, beliefs, decision making and energy.

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Essential Motivators

Team members explore similarities and differences in the area of core needs, values, talents, and behaviors.

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Personality Type

Team members explore similarities and differences as 
it relates to key team activities and roles.

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Performance Five

Team members explore other members scores to reveal patterns in dealing with mission critical team dynamics.

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Flexible deployment options for your team

We've designed Matrix Insights to be flexible. Check out one typical approach below:

Typical approach
  1. Setup TeamPulse

    Benchmark team performance against key metrics to set a baseline of performance and track changes over time. More info on TeamPulse.

  2. Individuals Complete Self Assessment

    Learners complete an educational self-discovery assessment that helps them to better understand themselves and others.

  3. Workshop / 1-1 Session

    We provide the materials for you to run a follow up workshop to reinforce key ideas, answer questions, and help leaders get to the "what's next" to build relationships and enhance effectiveness. Workshops can range from 1 hour to multiple days.

  4. "Leave Behind" Resources

    Provide access to the Leadership Dashboard to support transforming insights into action, strengthen relationships, and continuously develop leadership excellence.

  5. Facilitator Follow Up

    Follow up with the TeamPulse results and discuss key challenges to complete the circle of true development.

  6. Add a Lens (Optional)

    Continue the team's development by adding another perspective.

Your approach

Deploy how you want

Matrix Insights was built to be flexible from the ground up, that means you get to choose what’s best for your team.

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